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The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) grassroots organization dedicated to the protection, restoration, and continued enjoyment of New Mexico’s wildlands and wilderness areas. Founded in 1997, we achieve our mission through administrative protection, federal wilderness designation, and ongoing stewardship. We have a membership of individuals from all corners of New Mexico and across the nation. Our organizing efforts span the state and involve many diverse groups, including ranchers, sportsmen, land grants, acequia communities, tribal and religious leaders, scientists, youth, and community leaders. We are the only statewide wilderness group in New Mexico with a proven track record of building diverse coalitions to protect our public lands. Read about some of our victories here.

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Our organization is committed to building community and raising public awareness of wilderness issues. We work to connect citizens to Wilderness through hikes and volunteer service projects throughout the state. 

We reach thousands of citizens each year through our quarterly newsletter and with our Wild Guide, a complete guide to New Mexico's wilderness and wildlands.

Our youth outreach programs engage young people in stewardship of public lands to promote a healthy future for our lands and communities.

We hope you’ll join us in our mission to save New Mexico’s wild places!

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