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Your gift to the Dave Foreman Tribute Fund (up to $250) will be matched dollar-for-dollar by generous conservationists who wish to encourage each one of us to support Wilderness!

The Dave Foreman Tribute Fund is dedicated to the achievement and protection of Wilderness throughout the state of New Mexico.

A man for all times, and all species, we are lucky to be on earth with him to absorb his love of Wilderness—does anyone come away from a Dave Foreman book or lecture and not want to go camping as soon as possible—to experience Wilderness firsthand? Coupled with an understanding of why wilderness has the right to exist for its own sake?

A noted historian and contemporary teacher, Dave Foreman clears the convoluted arguments of the day, any day, that co-opt our wild lands for short-sighted use, or those that promote subtle, or not-so-subtle, hierarchical notion that humans have the right to whatever they wish—regardless of permanent effects on other species and the lands that support them. Dave has always been willing to call this thinking both ethically and morally bankrupt.

We are thankful Dave helped found this organization nearly two decades ago to provide wild land protection in New Mexico. He understood then, and helps us remain courageous today, in the work of raising the power of our citizen voice to protect wilderness.

This organization’s job is to keep this citizen voice in action, alive now, and alive in another two decades and beyond. If we don’t, many a sterile, compromised land use plan will prevail instead—manipulating which entities benefit from our natural heritage to the detriment of wilderness and its diverse species. We wish it were not so—but history tells us differently and the future depends on us.

Please thank Dave Foreman for his vision by helping us keep the citizen voice for wilderness strong.

With Dave’s blessing, this tribute fund at NM Wild in his honor will help our citizen-based work continue. Dave Foreman is a wise man who asks you to be a courageous citizen, to give voice to your own wisdom, and our shared ethical and moral stance that Wilderness belongs, as do its inhabitants.

Please give to the Dave Foreman Tribute Fund this giving season. Your name will be placed in a commemorative book given to Dave to let him know he mattered to your understanding of what it means to live cooperatively on earth with all species. It’s one of the best thing you can do to honor his lifetime teaching.

Thank you for your help and support—your donation works 100 percent in New Mexico.

Dave Foreman is one of North America’s most creative and effective conservation leaders, an outspoken proponent of protecting and restoring the earth’s wildness, and a visionary thinker. Over the past 30 years, he has helped set direction for some of our most influential conservation organizations, served as editor and publisher of key conservation journals, and shared with readers his unique style and outlook in widely acclaimed books including The Big Outside and Confessions of an Eco-Warrior. He was co-founder of the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance in 1997 and in 2003 formed the Rewilding Institute, dedicated to “the development and promotion of ideas and strategies to advance continental-scale conservation in North America and to combat the extinction crisis.”

Contribute to the Dave Foreman Tribute Fund.

Whatever your ability to give to the Dave Foreman Tribute Fund, all donations are gratefully accepted.

$250 pays 2 weeks mileage to conduct wilderness inventory across the state– the backbone of our evidence-based, citizen contribution to land management plans.

$500 pays the cost of eNews for one month –vital news for members including alerts to inform our elected officials of citizens’ opinions on conservation issues.

$1,000 pays for 4 local neighborhood information meetings across the state to keep NM Wild directly connected to real people in real places, face to face – our authoritative voice when working on issues and land management planning.

$2,500 pays to equip a field tech for 2 years with full GIS capacity, including hardware, network, and software, contributing to map making in roadless areas.

$5,000 pays the cost of citizen membership drives, the baseline for keeping a constituency focused and identified at all times to be ready for the next Wilderness protection opportunity. Our members’ critical mass can make the difference in securing a National Monument or not. And when we do, the difference between 200,000 acres and 500,000 acres protected (Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument designation
in 2014).

$10,000 pays for NM Wild! free-across-the-state magazine-style newsletter – the more people who read it, the more citizen conservationists we create. A key investment in public education.

$35,000 pays for one year to keep NM Wild in 5 locations across the state to be local, effective, and responsive to citizenry and cultures. Wilderness is always local to someone.

Contribute to the Dave Foreman Tribute Fund.